Olive Wood Jesus Statues

Abstract Carved Wooden Agony in the Garden's Statue

BH 8485


L 8.3" x W 5.5" x H 7.5"


A special wood carved statue made of handmade olive wood carvings represents Jesus, praying in the Garden of Olives, begging God to release him from the terrible future that was awaiting him right before his crucifixion. As his prayers went up, Jesus was blessed down with the blessings of strength and power to accept his fate chosen by his heavenly father.

This wood carved precious statue is to remind us why Jesus Christ has accepted to die for us. It was all just because he had an endless love for us and that he forgives us for our sins. Bethlehem`s finest olive wood was used to bring  this extraordinary wood carving to you and your family. Enjoy a handmade statue in your house, office, school or work.