Olive Wood Nativity Scenes / Nativity Sets

Wood Carved Nativity Set

BH 12000 Nativity Set


L 11" x W 16.5" x H 12.3"


The most precious Holy land’s gift is yours. This musical carved box is in a circular motion online available for you. The olive wood carved nativity is made from Bethlehem’s olive wood in the city of Bethlehem. This ancient vivid cave expresses Christ’s birth – indeed, his birth resembles the birth and revive of love, hope, faith and peace. Thousand years ago, this artistic and olive wood cave could portray the Christian history with a wonder of the divine child that is not only religious but also humane as a fact of nature. Of course, the glowing of the star of Bethlehem is the guidance of the Shepherds in the Holy Land for the divine child ‘Jesus Christ’.


Putting Together Olive Wood Nativity Set: