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Joseph with Baby Jesus Olive Wood Hand Carved Statue - Statuettes - Bethlehem Handicrafts

Joseph with Baby Jesus Olive Wood Hand Carved Statue

BH 7020


L 2.8" x W 2" x H 8.9"


Notice the flowing lines of the robe and the superb proportions as we are drawn into the depth of Joseph's love and reverence for the Christ Child as he presents Jesus to all who will accept Him. The artisan families of Bethlehem carve a variety of olive wood statuettes from carefully aged and dried olive-wood found in Bethlehem, the Holy Land. These olive wood sculptures make a unique and thought provoking addition to your home. The unique forms convey the Christian faith by way of very recognizable symbols.


Watch our artisans hand carving this olive wood statue at our workshop in Bethlehem:

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COUPON CODE: bethlehem10

COUPON CODE: bethlehem10

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