Olive Wood Plaques

Olive Wood Our Lady of Grace Wall Hanging Plaque with Holy Land Incense

BH 21150


L 10.2" x W 2.2" x H 10.2"


If you are looking for a perfect traditional Christian gift, observe this fine olive wood icon of Virgin Mary spreading her arms of love. Notice how uniquely and elegantly her gown flows as the lines of olive wood add to her mothers love and feminine feel. Crafted in Bethlehem these intricate details are a mirror of artistic skill and deep faith mixed with old tradition in the Holy Land`s Christian community. Fill any heart with feminine love of the most adored women in Christianity. This olive wood wall hanging plaque has one glass capsules filled with a souvenir from the Holy Land. The capsule includes holy incense from the Holy Land.

  • Plaque: Olive Wood

  • Our Lady of Grace: Gypsum