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Agape Abstract Carving of Baby Protected by Hand of God Masterpiece

BH 5100


L 5.7" x W 5.1" x H 9.4"


Handpicked logs of Bethlehem's olive wood by our talented artists were selected to craft this fine wood handicraft, titled Agape, a bibelot of an ornament, full of fine details that gives one a sense of exuberance.

It is life that this magnificent wood handicraft represents, along with the fine details of the hand, covering an unborn child; as if to sanctify and bless it with the Lord's love.

We are safe in the sanctuary of the Lord's kingdom; the hand covering the baby represents a sense of security, reminding us that our Lord is always there with us, even as we lay in the womb, for our Lord is always there with us, till our last days on this beautiful planet. It reminds us of the beautiul passage, 'Before I formed you in the womb I knew you" Jeremiah 1:5