Olive Wood Crosses & Crucifixes

Budded Olive Wood Crucifix with Silver Plated Corpus and 5 Holy Land Essences

BH 4220

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W 8.7" x H 13"


As we place Jesus Christ in our hearts and seek redemption and salvation. The wooden crucifix is the symbol of God's everlasting love and justice. Hand carved from olive wood growing in Bethlehem, it is an old story as time as forgiveness and compassion are found in its lovely colors and curvature. Get this hand carved crucifix and let it grace your home and your minds for the rest of your life to overcome death and for us to be by our Lord. Seeing the back, it gives another reminder of his suffering epitomized in the fourteen stations of his last day in Jerusalem. This olive wood cross has five glass capsules filled with 5 souvenirs from all over the Holy Land affixed on each corner of the cross and in the middle of it. These capsules include holy incense from the Nativity Church, Bethlehem soil, Jerusalem stone and dried olive leaves and flowers that collectively represent the essence of the Holy Land.