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The Holy Land in Your Hands
Saturday, 10 December 2016 08:06

Saint Nicholas and Christians in the Holy Land

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Holy Land Olive Wood Nativity Set Holy Land Olive Wood Nativity Set

As one of the largest Christian communities in the Holy Land, Beit Jala has many notations in the history of the Holy Land. The stone columns of the Nativity church were carved out of the hillside of Beit Jala, and seminary of the Latin Patriarchate also exists in the city.

Bethlehem Handicrafts made hand carved religious crafts to Christians all over the world to share their faith and glory to God in the highest with the best quality.

Christian artists at our workshop make unique carved stones, mosaic and olive wood especially hand carved statues for Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary and Saints. The people of Beit Jala, however, are most proud of their connection to Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker, better known as “Saint Nick” – or Santa Claus. Yes, Santa Claus truly did exist.

The fanciful story of a jolly rotund man in red giving presents during Christmas is based after German and Dutch traditions of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker of Myra-Lykia, a formerly Greek region of modern-day Turkey.

At our workshop, rare wood carved religious pieces are produced to help Christians in the Holy Land and around the world share their faith especially to remind them that St. Nick ‘ Santa Clause’ brought joy to the world celebrating Jesus’ birth on Christmas Day.

The amazing story of the real-life Saint Nicholas gave rise to the legendary “Saint Nick” or “Sinterklaas” of German and Dutch tradition, which in turn gave rise to the story of Santa Claus. At our workshop, many wood carved Christmas Ornaments are hand-made out of Bethlehem’s olive wood to celebrate Christmas.

There are hand carved nativity sets, hand carved Holy Family statues and hand carved olive wood Christmas gift. The people of Beit Jala celebrate Saint Nicholas’ Day on December 19th, with great fanfare. During a church service, people descend to the lower level of the church, where the cave of Saint Nicholas can be entered, and light candles and give oil in thanks to Saint Nicholas, or to ask for his blessing in their lives.

Christians nowadays buy our unique Bethlehem’s olive wood handicrafts. They cherish our olive wood bell ornaments, olive wood Christmas tree and olive wood bell with Nativity scene ornament.

They order them and buy them to remind themselves of the birth of Jesus Christ and of Saint Nicholas as he brings happiness to their kids’ hearts at Christmas. While something of a well-kept secret, the Church in Beit Jala can be visited on most days of the year by special arrangement with the local Orthodox Church.

Christian people throughout the city of Beit Jala are also happy to share stories of miracles that Saint Nicholas, or “Mar Nicola” as he is locally called, have made in their lives.

We ‘ Bethlehem Handicrafts’ are so proud to put the Holy Land in your hand by giving you a variety of the best and the most outstanding original Bethlehem’s olive wood carvings with the best quality made in the Holy Land. Made by Christian hands and Loved by Christian Hearts.

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