The Holy Land in Your Hands

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The Holy Land in Your Hands
Tuesday, 18 April 2017 06:43

A Trip to the Holy Land

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Our hand-carved olive wood Cross with prayer Our hand-carved olive wood Cross with prayer

Have you ever taken a trip to the Holy Land? The place where Jesus Christ was born, has walked, has slept, and has preached and taught lessons? If you visit the Holy Land today, you get to visit all the cities where Jesus Christ lived his life.

You can visit places starting from Beit Sahour ‘The city of the Shepherds’ to Bethlehem ‘The city where Jesus Christ was born’. We at Bethlehem Handicrafts offer Christians all around the world many souvenirs made in the Holy Land. We hand carve original Bethlehem’s olive wood.

We make hand-made religious crafts, olive wood statues, hand-carved wooden crosses. We also make hand carved nativity sets, hand carved Jesus Christ, wood carved nativity and hand-carved Virgin Mary. Also, if you visit Nazareth, the Sea of Galilee and Jordan’s river, you get to visit where Jesus Christ grew up and was baptized.

Visiting the Holy land is a remarkable journey that lasts in hearts and minds forever. You can always end your journey by buying mesmerizing Holy Land olive wood’s cravings as well as Holy Land gifts. We at Bethlehem Handicrafts make your trip fully perfect right from its beginning to its end especially with our high quality olive wood carvings.

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