Hand Carved Wood With Mother of Pearl Jerusalem's Crucifix

BH 4970


L 0.2" x W 1.8" x H 2.4"


The wooden crucifix is the simplest and most notable symbol of the suffering Christ and thus Christianity. Through their many shapes and forms along with the corpus of Christ mounted there upon (i.e. crucifix), these wooden crosses and crucifixes reflect the artisan's love and faith by his/her careful attention to detail. The four smaller wooden crosses on the Jerusalem crucifix are said to symbolize either the four books of the Gospel or the four directions in which the Word of Christ spread from Jerusalem. The three circles or discs at the ends of each arm of the Apostle's cross or crucifix represents the Trinity but was probably also copied from earlier Celtic Druid, where the circles or rings represent the three dominions of earth, sky and sea. These keep-sake will be cherished for a lifetime and handed down to future generations as signs of individual faith.

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