The Holy Land in Your Hands

Holy Families Statuettes

The Holy Family's Hand Carved Statue

BH 6030

Sales price: $75.00
Dimentions: L 3.5" x W 2.8" x H 7.7"
Description In these simple figures, Mary holds the baby Jesus tightly to her shoulder as her faithful husband St. Joseph wraps his arm around her, walking stick in-hand, ever vigilant by her side. Bethlehem Handicrafts lovingly carves various renditions of the Holy Family from the aged wood of the olive tree. Display the Holy Family wooden statues prominently in your home and be reminded daily to consecrate your family to Jesus and Mary. We as Christian families pledge ourselves to joy and unity in Christ. With these various carvings, you can promote a deeper love for Our Lady and Christ through the values of patience and harmony amongst family members. Each piece is carefully crafted by Christian families in Bethlehem to help generate needed funds for daily living expenses. Due to political strife in the region that has negatively impacted tourism, Bethlehem Handicrafts now brings part of the Holy Land to your door step through these diverse olive-wood handicrafts.


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