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Noah's Ark Wooden Statue

BH 5060

Sales price: $90.00
Dimentions: L 3.9" x W 4.7" x H 4.5"
Description This one-piece olive-wood rendition of Noah’s Ark makes a great center hand carved olive wood statue or end-table addition, conveying total trust in the Lord as we spy Noah, an elephant, a lion, and a sheep on a ship at sea. As those outside of Noah’s Ark were destroyed, the ship became a perfect early symbol of the Church with its associations with "the barque of Peter, the Fisherman." In the same vein, the main part of a church's interior, the place where the people worship, is called a "nave," from the Latin "navis" -- ship. The Ark is also a symbol of the Temple through its shape and purpose, both having three levels, etc. And as a symbol of the Temple and Church, it is a symbol of Mary, sealed off with pitch and closed up by God Himself. Get this remarkable hand carved religious statue to remind yourself of the wonderful biblical story behind it.


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