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Stone Mosaic Artwork

Bethlehem & Jerusalem Stone Mosaic Artwork

We are now pleased to offer unique, one-of-a kind mosaics, made by our family in Bethlehem. Mosaics have been a part of the local Christian artisanship for over 1500 years. Our mosaics are made from partner firms in Bethlehem district, mounted on olive wood.

10.2" Hand Carved Plaque

BH 40000

L 10.2" x W 1" x H 10.2"
Sales price: $219.99

10.2" Hand Carved Wood and Jerusalem Stone 's Plaque

BH 40010

L 10.2" x W 1" x H 10.2"
Sales price: $199.99

10.2" Wood Carved Tabgha's Wall Hanging

BH 21160

L 10.2" x W 2.2" x H 10.2"
Sales price: $200.00

10.6" Wooden Tabgha's Wall Hanging

BH 40020

L 0.8" x W 10.6" x H 10.6"
Sales price: $180.00
Sales price: $299.99
Available in Bethlehem Only
Sales price: $12,000.00
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