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Olive wood has always been an intrinsic part of The Holy land. King Solomon's temple was adorned with intricate olive wood designs. The natural brightness of its colors and the variety of grains make the olive wood a unique and most exquisite wood. It is never stained. Christian families like the Bannouras began crafting their genuine grade-A artwork out of olive-wood in Bethlehem more than 300 years ago. But the craft was brought to the Christians by religious from the Greek Orthodox Church more than 1700 years ago. Three centuries earlier Saint Joseph taught our Lord Jesus Christ carpentry skills. As Joseph taught his Son faithfulness to the trade, so too has the Bannoura family remained faithful to their God and to this rich cultural heritage. They take great pride in this distinct and unique art form.

But I, like an olive tree in the house of God, trust in God's faithful love forever. - Psalms 52:8.

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The olive wood crafts have been inherited over several generations of Bethlehem’s population. Many Christian Palestinians living in the West Bank make their living selling Christian olive wood souvenirs like nativity sets, crosses, utensils and other olive wood-made products from Jerusalem and Bethlehem. 

Tourists often feel insecure about traveling to Bethlehem and Jerusalem because of the negative media portrayal regarding the constantly changing political climate since the 2000 uprising.

The Bethlehem and Jerusalem Handicrafts cooperative was founded to bring Bethlehem to United States to support this community. Their greatest harvest is the joy brought to diverse Christian communities throughout the world, communities which support many fellow brothers and sisters through their generous purchases of quality wholesale olive wood nativity sets, crosses, utensils and other olive wood-made products  from Jerusalem and the Holy Land Bethlehem. Indeed, these sales bring economic life to Christian artisans throughout the Holy Land.

This cooperative of artisans shape Holy-land wood into diverse carvings from young tree prunings or from fruitless elder growths. This essential process creates a healthier growth and leads to environmental stability. "Bethlehem olive wood" reveals itself in various religious, historical, and artistic crafts often shaped from unproductive trees. No olive tree has been damaged or destroyed during the pruning and harvesting of the olive wood.

The grainy texture of this unique hard wood is found in those same dry fields where those first shepherds heralded the New-born King. Old trees dating back before Christ in the West Bank region of Palestine hold darker grains of this most resilient wood. The more water-starved the tree the darker the wood and more dense the tree rings. Thus, no two pieces are the same even when carved from the same tree.

The Bannoura family has forged and refined their own tools for their workshop to sculpt this hard wood into distinct product categories: Holy Family statues, rosaries, nativity sets, Jesus figures, crosses, crucifixes, statues of Virgin Mary, kitchen utensils, necklaces, key chains, animals, and Christmas ornaments. Bethlehem and Jerusalem Handicrafts ages the wood for more than two years, storing it in hermetically sealed rooms to slow the desiccation process, thus creating a more refined grain, preventing cracking and illuminating its natural beauty. Their highly skilled and trained artisans know the age of the woods by the volume of its grain and color, subsequently creating more distinguished sculptures.

The Cooperative’s genuine grade-A olive-wood products represent many sweat-labor hours of love by Christian families in the ancient city of Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Indeed, we are happy to customize our products from nativity sets, crosses from Jerusalem, utensils and other wholesale olive wood-made products according to your needs and desires. Your input is greatly appreciated and challenges the cooperative to improve its techniques and designs hoping to more fully satisfy you, the customer.

Bethlehem Christian families believe that when peace returns to the Middle East, a strong emergence of tourism will follow. Until then, please be as supportive as you can so that these artisans may continue to provide the best quality wholesale nativity sets, crosses, utensils and other unique Holy Land and Jerusalem products to you. In this way, the Christian community will thrive and prospers. Bethlehem Handicrafts cooperative will continue to create their assorted olive-wood crafts like nativity sets, crosses from Jerusalem, utensils and other olive wood-made products with your support.

From Christian relics like olive wood nativity sets and crosses, to kitchen products like olive wood utensils, this exquisite wood carving has been an ancient tradition since the 4th century. This olive wood carving begun in Bethlehem has been a major income source for the Christian families living in the great historical region. Today, the Bannoura family of Bethlehem Handicrafts has successfully achieved the survival of the age-old tradition of olive wood hand carving of the Holy cross, utensils, and nativity sets both in Jerusalem and Bethlehem (the Holy Land). Bethlehem Handicrafts is committed to offer quality wholesale nativity sets, crosses from Jerusalem, utensils and other olive wood-made products at affordable prices.

Whether its olive wood crosses from Jerusalem and Bethlehem or other olive wood products for sale like kitchen utensils set items or nativity sets, we seek to empower our artisans in Jerusalem and Bethlehem and build bridge with the Christian families in the United States by importing quality retail and *wholesale products* from the local cooperatives.

We provide wholesale olive wood products for sale: Jerusalem cross nativity set from Bethlehem, olive wood utensils, crosses from Jerusalem and many other  wholesale decorative and household products for sale – quality items that have been a big part of religion and a rich culture. We build long-term relationships with our customers to not just ensure customer satisfaction but to foster Christian values. We remain dedicated to creating wonderful olive wood handicrafts (nativity sets, crosses, utensils and other wholesale products from Jerusalem) for our customers and strive to empower the Christian communities. We want each olive wood product from Bethlehem and Jerusalem to represent a memorable piece from the Holy Land. By buying our nativity sets, crosses, utensils and other wholesale olive wood-made products from Jerusalem you help us to continue the economic support of the Christian families in Bethlehem and Jerusalem. 

Please browse the list of wholesale products for sale including nativity sets, crosses, utensils and other olive wood-made products from Jerusalem. For inquiries about our nativity sets, crosses, utensils and other wholesale olive wood-made products from Jerusalem, call us at 720-201-7193. Help us keep the tradition of Christian faith in Jerusalem and Bethlehem alive. 

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