Silver Christian Icons from Italy

Christian, Catholic and Orthodox Icons of LAR INTERNATIONAL are copies of sacred Images.

These products are signed by Luigi Sagni, sculptor and painter, born in Recanati on June 26, 1926. In 1954 , after doing work experience like accordion manufacturer, started following his great passion, that to create shape and produce religious images.

This idea was born not only to follow his passion, but also to satisfy a market demand, thanks to the proximity of the Sanctuary of Loreto, one of the most important places in the world of religious pilgrimage. It is from that 1954 that, after have been collecting countless sculptures, begins the production and sale of these products in various materials.

Even today, thanks to the incessant research and innovation work, these articles still be produced and marketed throughout the catholic and Orthodox world by the Sagni family company.

These are  manufactured  through the molding technique of an aluminum plate, covered with pure silver 999  using the PVD technology . These are protected by an antioxidant treatment, which guarantees them alterability over time.

The choice of colors is the result of research respecting the different traditions, and the images combined with elegant woods , worked by master craftsmen,  gives them beauty, originality and unquestionable quality.

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