Custom-Made Olive Wood Orders

Bethlehem Handicrafts

Bethlehem Handicrafts is able to take customized orders for your family, church, business or a special event, such as a wedding, graduation or retirement. There is nothing quite like having your own custom olive wood items, be them particular saints or devotional scenes, an engraved passage from the Bible, or a particular animal or decorative scene.  A customized olive wood gift will be treasured by family, friends, parishioners or loved ones for years to come!

Just send us your idea with as many details as possible, and we will give you an estimate on cost and an estimated time of completion. Remember that larger, heavier items will cost more for shipping.

We specialize in religious symbols and figurines, but are ready to work on any number of ideas and designs.


COUPON CODE: bethlehem10

COUPON CODE: bethlehem10

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