The Delicious Local Food

The Delicious Local Food of the Holy Land

Here are some of our favorite foods you definitely have to try when you come visit the Holy Land! After all, the food in the Holy Land is reason enough to come visit it!

1) Za’atar Manakeesh

The only way to wake up in Palestine is with one of these Za’atar Manakeesh. A popular Palestinian breakfast consisting of flattened dough, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and ground dried za’atar. Cooked quickly on a high heat and eaten just as fast. This delicious snack is usually served with a glass of mint tea and goat cheese on the side.


2)   Warak Dawali

A plate that has been part of the Palestinian cuisine for centuries. The vine leaves (Warak Dawali or Warak Inab in Arabic) are stuffed with spiced chopped up lamb meat and rice. Typically cooked with stuffed courgettes, as well as some beef shanks for extra grease and it’s ready for lunch!

Warak Dawali

3)   Kebab and Shish Taouk

The deliciously divine Palestinian barbeque is every family’s lunch on summer! It consists of various types of grilled meat including spiced chicken Shish taouk (chicken breasts) and tender meat kebab on skewers. The grilled meat is almost always served with pita bread, hummus, grilled vegetables and a wide range of refreshing salads that go beyond words.

Kebab and Shish Taouk

4)   Falafel

Fried veggie patties created with a combination of chickpeas, vegetables and spices. Mostly served with hummus, salted slices of tomatoes and cucumbers, labneh, and Tabolueh which is the ultimate traditional salad.


5)   Arabic Coffee

Arabic coffee is coffee beans mixed with many spices, especially crushed cardamom. Prepared by brewing it on a stovetop in a special pot, and served in a petite cup called finjaan.

Arabic Coffee

6)   Kanafah and Baklava

Kanafah, also spelled kunafeh, is a Middle Eastern cheese pastry soaked in delicious syrup. It’s the perfect mixture of sweet and salty that is famous everywhere in Palestine, but especially in Nablus.


And Baklava is a mouth-watering sweet dessert pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts that are held together with sugar-based syrup. These two kinds of desserts are usually sold in the same shop.


7)   Saint Peter’s Fish

Pilgrims will most likely get to taste the tastiest Saint Peter’s fish in Palestine! Also known as Tilapia fish, Saint Peter’s fish were one of the main kinds of fish that were caught from the Sea of Galilee in Biblical times. The name refers to the story in the Gospel of Matthew where the apostle Peter catches a fish carrying a coin in its mouth. Depending on your preference, the fish gets fried or grilled, and then it’s usually served with some French fries and few slices of lemon on the side for extra deliciousness!

Tilapia Fish

8) Pomegranates

While those in northern climates may find it harder to locate a fresh pomegranate, do not pass on the opportunity to sample a Holy Land pomegranate while on pilgrimage, as a fruit, drink, main course or dessert. You won’t be disappointed!


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