Virtual Gallery of 2022 Collection Available for Christmas

Greetings and Welcome!
- Please View our Virtual Store to See our Beautiful 2022 Collections Available for this Christmas Season.  

We Have Brought a Piece of The Holy Land to You Online & We Truly Thank You for Supporting our Christian Artisans Brothers and Sisters Living in the Holy Land. 🙏


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Lion Carved Sculpture Hand Made from Olive Wood, Masterpiece Animal Carving



Jesus Christ Pieta Carved Wooden Sculptures with the Virgin Mary, Masterpiece CollectionChristian Wood Carving Gift Store, Baby with Wings Masterpiece Sculpture Art Jesus Christ Wooden Bust Carvings and Sculptures Jesus Pieta Wooden Statues with Mother Mary, Blessed Virgin Holding Crucified Christ Carvings  Wooden Carving of Jesus Christ from Olive Wood, Sculptures from Christian Bible ScenesSaint Micheal Archangel Wooden Carving Masterpiece, Large Carved Wings, Stepping on SatanArchangel Wooden Carvings and Statues from the Holy LandBaby Jesus Christ Held by Virgin Mary Mother Masterpiece Carving from Olive WoodChristian Wooden Carvings and Sculptures of Biblical Scenes with Jesus Christ and Disciples  Christian Wall Hanging Plaques Handmade in the Holy Land, "God Bless Our Home" DecorWall Hanging Crosses and Crucifixes with Christian Carved Plaques from BethlehemJesus Christ Forgiveness Carved Wooden Masterpiece from Olive WoodHandmade Wall Crosses and Crucifixes from Holy Land Olive Wood, Many Sizes  Unique and Very Large Hand Carved Nativity Scene Masterpiece from Olive Wood, Sculptured in BethlehemStanding Crucifixes Hand Carved Wood and Mother of Pearl from Holy Land Virgin Mary Carvings from Olive Wood, Next to Jesus Christ Statues14 Stations of the Cross Carved into Crucifix Wooden Masterpiece, Next to Virgin Mary StatueHoly Family Large Abstract Wooden Carving, Heavy Sculpture from Olive Wood

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