Jesus Christ Holding The Cross

A Gift to Remember

Once you visit the Holy Land, your feelings and emotions are evoked. The religious figures and places leave a tremendous priceless spiritual impact. 

We at Bethlehem Handicrafts help you recall your outstanding and unique experience through our hand-made olive wood carvings which are made in the Holy Land out of the best olive wood quality. 

Visiting the cities of the Holy Land especially through Holidays like Christmas and Easter is actually one of the most unique and remarkable life-long experience. 

At our workshop, Bethlehem’s olive wood is hand-carved by Christian hands to make the best hand-made religious crafts. 

For instance, you can always visit us and buy our unique olive wood carvings. You can buy our olive wood statues, hand carved nativity sets, hand carved crosses and crucifixes and wood carving sculptures and handicrafts. 

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