St. Vladimir of Russia

St. Vladimir of Russia

Who is St. Vladimir of Russia?

To historians, Vladimir of Russia can be called many things. He is described as an empire builder, as a statesman, as a soldier, and sometimes as a leader or a even a missionary. Accordingly, historians refer to him only as Prince Vladimir. However, in Christianity, he is given a title that exceeds other titles that are associated with Vladimir’s name like “Emperor Vladimir” or “Vladimir the Great”. We call him Saint Vladimir of Russia.

Why is he considered a Saint?

He has introduced Christianity to a nation with a population of more than two hundred fifty million in an area that was much bigger than current Europe.

What’s his story?

The son of Svyatoslav I, ruler of a fragmented Russia, Vladimir was born a pagan, but, as an emperor, he believed that religion is the only means that would ensure him an authentic unification of the enormous number of the people of his nation. Thus, he sent three emissaries to Constantinople, Germany and the Muslim countries to observe and report back to him everything they could about the religion of those countries.

The news from Constantinople was the only thing that delighted him. The observer declared that in light of the festive rituals of the Orthodox Church that had been happening in their entire splendor before his own eyes, he exclaimed, “We no longer knew whether we were in heaven or on earth, for such beauty we know not how to tell of it.” It’s crucial to note that Vladimir himself had been deeply fascinated by the Orthodoxy and Byzantine civilization beforehand. Soon after he married the sister of Emperor Basil, he was baptized, taking the name of Emperor Basil. 

How significant is he?

Christianity had transformed Vladimir from a pagan into a generous Christian who is determined to spread God’s word, by the only way which was possible at that time, which is by mouth. His mission was full of hardships, but his faith in God’s glory kept him moving forward. He illuminated the darkest places with the love of Christ, not only by establishing churches, but also many schools, seminaries, convents, monasteries and every form of Christian expression.

Vladimir claimed spiritual enlightenment as his mission in life and was firmly and unwaveringly decided to spread God’s love.

Prince Vladimir died in 15 July 1015, and this day is celebrated until now by the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches. Many monuments to St. Vladimir can be found around the world, including Novgorod, Russia, Ukraine and Moscow.

View of the monument of St Vladimir, the Baptist of Russia with the Dnieper river and the city of Kiev in Background

View of the monument of St Vladimir, the Baptist of Russia with the Dnieper river and the city of Kiev in Background

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