olivewood carving of Jesus praying in the garden on the left next to carved olivewood praying hands with an olivewood bible in between them on the right. Text reads "A Bible From Bethlehem: How Reading The Bible Can Change Your Life"

A Bible From Bethlehem: How Reading The Bible Can Change Your Life

“You can read the Bible, and you should, but until you study it, it doesn't come alive for you and teach you a lasting lesson. Take time. Study God's Word. It will change you.” – Gail Davis

Reading the Bible is a beautiful thing that connects us with God on a very intimate level. Listening to Jesus’ miracles and the wonderful stories in the Old and New Testaments brings us a wonderful understanding of who God is and how we can best glorify Him.

The Bible teaches us how to glorify God through prayer and word of mouth. It teaches us how He would want us to treat others, and how we can best embody the love and mercy of Christ.

A common misconception about the Bible is that, when we pray, God does not talk back to us. In fact, God talks back to us through our reading of the Bible: how each story resonates with us and the messages we receive from them are how God answers our prayers.

Reading the Bible is powerful. It is a medicine no doctor can prescribe. It cleanses the soul in a way only the word of God can.

The word of God illuminates the path He has chosen for us. As Psalm 119:105 says, “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” God’s word shows us how to live our lives as the most virtuous people we possibly can be.

A Bible from Bethlehem

As a wise soul once said, “the Bible is the only book whose author is always present when one reads it”. The Bible gives us a chance to truly connect to God and think about what His plan is for us.

Having a bible like ours with olivewood from Bethlehem on each cover would inhance your spiritual experience and help you connect to God’s word on a whole new level. Touching the olivewood from Jesus’ birthplace while reading your bible would help you connect to the stories in the Bible.


Our bible is elegantly placed between a set of olivewood praying hands that convey a sense of spirituality and remind you of the power of both prayer and the bible.

Reading about Jesus being born in Bethlehem while touching wood from the very trees that surrounded him would bring a deeper meaning to this already touching story.

Listening to Jesus pray on the rock while touching the wood from the trees that heard his cries would add a physical connection to stories that have only ever been visualized.


With this bible, you are not only reading the miraculous story of our lord, but you are holding a very piece of the land he lived in and connecting to Jesus and his surroundings.

With this bible, you have a piece of Jesus’ home town with you always.

A Trip to Bethlehem

For an even more physical connection to the stories of the Holy Land, please consider joining us on one of our trips to Bethlehem and its surrounding areas. While dates are tentative due to the pandemic, we would love to have you join a pilgrimage with us soon!

We see the Bible come to life during our trips in the Holy Land. Locals call Bethlehem and its surrounding areas the “fifth Gospel” because it is so powerful in conveying the story of Jesus’ life.

See, feel, and touch the garden of gethsemane, the hole that Jesus’ cross left in the ground, the birthplace of Jesus, and many more. Walk the paths Jesus did on his way to perform miracles and die for our sins. See the lives of those decended from the first Christians.

Live the Gospel.

Go to https://pilgrimage.bethlehemhandicrafts.com to see all of our upcoming pilgrimages 

Actions Speak Louder

The Bible is a powerful piece of writing with radical teachings all throughout. Some of the most powerful lessons, however, come from the actions that Jesus and those around him took

When Peter denied Christ, we learned that we must never falter in our faith, even when times get tough. When Jesus cured the sick and healed the blind, we learned that we must do all we can to help those who are stuggling

We must do our best to physically embody God’s teachings and Christ’s sense of mercy and kindness.

By reading the bible, we learn how to be better Christians. But, most importantly, we learn how to be better people.

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