All Saints Day: Celebrating Souls in Communion with God

All Saints Day: Celebrating Souls in Communion with God

What is All Saints Day? Why celebrate?

All Saints Day is a celebration commemorating all of the souls who are with God in Heaven.

We as Catholics usually use the title “Saint” to refer to someone who has been recognized as a Holy person by the Catholic Church. A canonized saint typically has two confirmed miracles throughout their life.

Although a canonized saint has to have their life reviewed by the Church and be formally declared a saint, the word “saint” technically refers to anyone who is in communion with God in Heaven. So, during All Saints Day, most Catholics celebrate not only venerated saints but also those souls who lived virtuous lives and are now thought to be in Heaven with God.

Celebrating this holiday means celebrating the lives of Holy people who God deemed worthy of spending eternity with Him.

Celebrating Our Saints

Although the word “Saints” refers to those who are in communion with God, not just those who are venerated as Saints by the Catholic Church, this day is to celebrate all saints, not just canonized saints.

Today at Bethlehem Handicrafts, we focus on those Saints whose lives we can draw inspiration from, those saints who we can look to for guidance.

Saint Mother​ Teresa

Saint Mother Teresa, born Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, reminds us to be selfless and care for others just as she was throughout her life. 

Saint Mother Teresa spent a large part of her life in India helping the poor and sickly, often ending up starving and begging for food herself because she was so focused on helping others. 

She is a beautiful embodiment of Jesus’ mercy and kindness, and we should all look up to her for guidance on this beautiful All Saints Day.

Saint Michael The Archangel

Saint Michael is the leader of God’s army. He protects our homes from the forces of evil and from satan, and he heals us when we have been wronged by any evils. 

Saint Michael shields us from the evils of the world as he stands tall, sword in hand, ready to defend us against those who aim to hurt us. Saint Michael reminds us to protect those who we love from the evil forces in the world.

Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph represents all of the fathers and hard workers in the world. He reminds us to stand by those we love as they go through their lives, just as he did with Mary. 

In particular, the image of the sleeping Saint Joseph serves as a reminder to trust in and be faithful to God. 

Three times, God spoke to Saint Joseph in his sleep: once to tell him to stay with Mary as she was pregnant “through the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 1:20), again when He told Joseph to leave to Egypt to protect Jesus, and once more when the Lord told Joseph to bring Jesus back to Israel. Joseph reminds us to trust in the Lord, and that God’s plan will be revealed in good time.

How We Celebrate All Saints Day

Everyone celebrates this holiday differently. While there is a special mass offered on this day, it is not a Holy day of obligation for Catholics. It is important, however, to be sure that we keep in our hearts a love for all Saints during this day, even if we do not go to mass.

Celebrating All Saints Day does not usually mean parties and getting together with large groups of people (at least in America). All Saints Day is, however, a time to reflect on our past, current, and future efforts to become the best and holiest version of ourselves so that we may also be in communion with God.

This is a day to reflect on our shortcomings as well as our achievements in being the best Christians we can be and to ask God how we can be a more holy version of ourselves.

On this day, ask yourself: Am I the holiest version of myself? What sins do I need to atone for? And, most importantly, Am I representing Jesus’ love and mercy to the best of my ability?

Take this day not only to celebrate the saints who are currently with God, but also to ask yourself how you can be the most saintly version of yourself and to pray to God asking Him how you too can one day be in communion with Him in Heaven.

To be the holiest we can be, we must look to the Saints (both canonized and not), for inspiration, and we must pray to Jesus for guidance on how to be merciful, patient, and kind just as he was.

To be the holiest we can be, we must look to Jesus and the Saints for guidance. These Saints should be our greatest inspiration, and All Saints Day reminds us of this.

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