Types of Rosaries

Different Types of Rosaries

Have you ever known that there is more than one type of rosaries?

When most of us hear the word rosary we think of a long strand of rosary beads made of wood and a beautiful cross at the end of it that is worn as a necklace. However, rosaries come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and the prayers counted on the beads and the rosaries’ purposes may vary. Also, not all rosaries have a cross pendant  or even have only one of them. Some rosaries have Virgin Mary pendants and sometimes they can have up to 4 pendants

On our online market, Bethlehem Handicrafts, we have many types of rosaries available for sale. The most famous three types of rosaries are necklaces, bracelets, and finger rosaries.

Necklace Rosaries:


Bracelet Rosaries:


Finger Rosaries:

What distinguishes finger rosaries from other types of rosaries is that they can be used for praying literally anywhere since they can be easily spun many times around the finger. Also called one decade rosaries, finger rosaries make perfect gifts for First Communion and Confirmation.


To learn everything else about rosaries like their history, their origin, the proper way to pray with them and more, read our blog “Everything You Need to Know About Rosaries”.

Rosaries can also be categorized according to their material. Olive wood rosaries have been manufactured in Bethlehem for hundreds of years, with their beads made from olive pits. Today, our rosary beads are made either entirely of olive wood, crystals with attractive colors, or different types of beautiful gemstones.

Olive Wood Rosaries:

Crystal Rosaries:

These crystal rosaries are available in a huge variety of colors, check them out!


Gemstone Rosaries:

We have a diverse collection of gemstone rosaries such as Turquoise, Pink Coral, Red Coral, Hematite, Jade, and Malachite.


Moreover we have silver plated and gold plated rosaries, and others made of Mother of Pear and Copper Antique. Note that most of our rosaries have a centerpiece to addition to the pendant.

We, the Bethlehem Handicrafts’ team, are so proud to put the Holy Land in your hand by giving you a variety of the best and the most outstanding original Bethlehem’s olive wood carvings with the best quality made in the Holy Land.

Made by Christian Hands. Loved by Christian Hearts.

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