Dabke: Local Folk Dance

Dabke: Local Folk Dance

Dabke is an Arab folk dance originally from the countryside of the ancient city of Irbid in North Jordan, and now it’s the most popular dance in Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria.

Dabke, which is a folk dance that goes back many generations, is danced by both men and women with different steps and different rhythms.

Traditionally, Dabke combines line and circle dancing, but certain modern groups have recently added some theatrical elements to their performances that have connected the past to the future in a beautifully artistic way.

Although being typically performed at weddings and other joyous occasions, most pilgrims get the chance to watch a performance of Dabke on our pilgrimages while eating delicious local food.

Watch how some Pilgrims got up and joined a Palestinian group:

Join one of our 2018/2019/2020 upcoming pilgrimages to walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ and get the chance to watch a performance of Dabke in the Holy Land!

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