I am Proud to be Christian! –Proclaiming the Word of God Through Religious Articles

I am Proud to be Christian! –Proclaiming the Word of God Through Religious Articles

“Because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved” – Romans 10:9.

Jesus proclaimed his faith repeatedly throughout his life and after his resurrection, never faltering for a second. We must always be faithful and proclaim the Gospel just as Jesus did.

Professing the Word of the Lord

We must neither doubt nor deny Jesus. We must always be proud to be Christian. We must never try to hide the fact that we are children of the Lord, including when we are around people who may persecute us for our beliefs.

So long as we are steadfast in our proclamation of our faith, the Lord will reward us.

We should not hide our cross necklaces under our shirts for fear of being judged, rather, we put our crosses on display in our homes and around our necks while showing love and mercy to those around us just as Jesus would have done.

We are children of the Lord. We are at His mercy. We shall never deny our Lord, for if we deny him in front of our friends he shall deny us entry to his Kingdom.

Although we should seek to proclaim the word of the Lord, we should not be false Christians. That is, we should never adorn our home with Crucifixes and the like while not accurately representing the beauty that is the word of the Lord.

We should always seek to be merciful and kind just as Jesus was, and we should unapologetically show others that we are Christians!

Proclaiming the Word of the Lord with Bethlehem Handicrafts

As Christians, we should always be proud to be children of the Lord!

The second that a guest walks into your house, they should know where you stand as a child of God. Crucifixes, wall rosaries, plaques, statues, and other adornments should line your walls and bless your home.

People should know that you are a Christian who proclaims the word of the Lord, and there should be statement pieces in your home that show just how proud you are to be a Christian.

At Bethlehem Handicrafts, we are committed to helping you grow and proclaim your faith by offering statues and crucifixes as adornments for your home.

The Blessed Mary

Statues of Mary can help remind you to value family and to trust in God’s plan as she did when the Archangel Gabriel informed her she was pregnant with the Son of God.

Mary holds her baby tight in her arms, knowing he is the world’s salvation, as she reminds us to trust in God’s plan.

Jesus on the Cross

Having a Crucifix in your home which is made from olive wood from Bethlehem will remind you that Jesus died for our sins and to be grateful for all Christ has given you.

Jesus is surrounded by abalone shell as well as five elements from the Holy Land– soil (bottom), Frankincense (left), dried flowers (middle), rocks (right), and dried olive leaves (top). This crucifix reminds us how blessed we are that Jesus died for our sins

The Holy Family

A statue of the Holy Family can serve as a reminder to hold your family close and do everything you can to protect them and make them feel loved, just as Joseph can be seen doing in this Flight to Egypt statue.

Mother Mary clutches baby Jesus close to her body as she and Saint Joseph flee to Egypt. This reminds us that we need to love one another and make each other feel safe just as Joseph does for his family.

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