This is the Best Christian Gift for Christmas 2019

This is the Best Christian Gift for Christmas 2019

Are you still looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones? Why, look no more. We found you the best gift for Christians for Christmas 2019. At our workshop in Bethlehem, we came up with an all-new variety of bracelet rosaries to make your Holiday shopping this year easier and so much more meaningful.

This year, our artisans hand crafted each bead of various bracelet rosaries from genuine dried olive wood blocks. We would like to believe that all of our rosaries radiate deep faith and devotion, and, at the same, each of them is unique in its own way, all while considering the fact that the grain and visual appearance of the olive wood itself is typically curly or wavy in shape. Therefore, no two rosaries are exactly alike and absolute duplicates of the same product is impossible.

What would be more appealing this Christmas to gift your loved one whether a partner, a family member, or a friend, than this olive wood rosary that is not only inexpensive, but also carries layers of spiritual meanings. 

Each bead of this olive wood rosary bracelet is thoughtfully designed and handcrafted to be worn, and prayed with, every day. This rosary beckons prayer, love, and peace. It is such an elegant way to give the gift of prayer wrapped in a well-crafted and fashionably functional piece of jewelry this Christmas.

Keep in mind that all of our olive wood rosaries are made of authentic olive trees from Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus Christ. The olive wood used to carve our statues is made from locally grown olive wood trees.

Olive Wood Bracelet Rosary with Jerusalem Cross and a Birthstone

Bracelet Rosaries

This olive wood bracelet fits perfectly with a Jerusalem cross, which can be seen throughout the Holy Land since the time of the Crusaders. Holding this rosary bracelet during your prayers will make you feel closer to Jesus as you carry a part of His homeland. Each Jerusalem cross comes with a birthstone in the middle of it, including but not limited to, Emerald, Blue Zircon, and Peridot.

If you're looking for a different kind of rosary, please consider browsing our catalogue of rosaries:

Necklace Rosaries:

olive wood cross bracelet

Bracelet Rosaries:

Bracelet Rosary

Finger Rosaries:

What distinguishes finger rosaries from other types of rosaries is that they can be used for praying literally anywhere since they can be easily spun many times around the finger. Also called one decade rosaries, finger rosaries make perfect gifts for First Communion and Confirmation.

Finger Rosar

To learn everything else about rosaries like their history, their origin, the proper way to pray with them and more, read our blog “Everything You Need to Know About Rosaries”.

Olive wood rosaries have been manufactured in Bethlehem for hundreds of years, with their beads made from olive pits. Today, our rosary beads are made either entirely of olive wood, crystals with attractive colors, or different types of beautiful gemstones.

Olive Wood Rosaries:

Olive Wood Rosary

Crystal Rosaries:

These crystal rosaries are available in a huge variety of colors, check them out!

Crystal Rosary

Gemstone Rosaries:

We have a diverse collection of gemstone rosaries such as Turquoise, Pink Coral, Red Coral, Hematite, Jade, and Malachite.


Gemstone Rosary

Give the gift of prayer, and let it be a reminder to your loved ones to show their faith with pride in the new year that is soon to come.

Jeremiah 29:12 “Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you”.

We, the Bethlehem Handicrafts’ team, are so proud to put the Holy Land in your hand by giving you a variety of the best and the most outstanding original Bethlehem’s olive wood carvings with the best quality made in the Holy Land.

Made by Christian Hands. Loved by Christian Hearts.

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