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Banana Shaped Olive Wood Bowl (available in four sizes)

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X-Small: L 4.9" x W 2.6" x H 1.2"

Small: L 5.7" x W 2.8" x H 1.4"

Medium: L 6.9" x W 3.3" x H 1.5"

Large: L 8.1" x W 3.7" x H 1.7"


Hand carved from one single piece of large aged olive wood from the Holy Land, these set of 4 banana shaped bowls will always be a great addition to your tableware collection. Due to the slow growing nature of olive wood trees, these wooden bowls can be aged hundreds of years. They are truly one of a kind due to the wood’s exceptional grain and patterns, and distinctive odor, as well as practical since olive wood is naturally anti-bacterial. This stunning olive wood bowl is perfect for salads, fruits and snacks!


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Banana Shaped Olive Wood Bowl (available in four sizes)