Budded Unique Olive Wood Crucifix with 4 Holy Essences (Colorful)

BH 4820


W 5.7" x H 8.7"


Wooden Crucifix crafted in Bethlehem from Mahogany and Clear Pine wood mirrors artistic vision combined with old tradition that resided in the Christian communities in the Holy Land.

Mark of Jesus is seen in the back epitomized in the Fourteen stations reminding you of the great sacrifice. Enrich your home with great Christian ideals for a serenity of the mind and overwhelming love.

This olive wood cross has four glass capsules filled with 4 souvenirs from all over the Holy Land affixed on each corner of the Crucifix.

These capsules include holy incense from the Nativity Church, Bethlehem soil, Jerusalem stone and dried flowers that collectively represent the essence of the Holy Land.